SI24: Fulfil Your Duty of Care

Innovative, market-leading technology which helps you monitor and manage your employees.

SI24: All-In-One Security Risk Management Solution

We’ve built SI24 from the ground up. It’s our all-in-one security risk management solution which helps you keep your people safe so you can fulfill your duty of care. It includes a smartphone application for your employees and a user-friendly platform for your organization’s stakeholders to manage everything in one place.

Main Features

  • Global Employee Tracking (via GPS)
  • Employee Privacy Modes
  • Panic Alarm (SOS) Functionality
  • Mass Communications Module
  • Critical Incident Management Tool
  • Real-Time Threat Picture
  • Active Alerts Integration
  • Secure, Compliant, and Auditable
  • Appropriate for Organizations of All Sizes

Why SI24?

SI24 Smartphone App: Features

GPS Tracking

Turn your smartphone into a GPS tracking device. This’ll send your real-time location, location history, battery life, and signal strength to SI24’s secure management portal.

Privacy and Personal Modes

Employees have complete control of their privacy. They can toggle complete or partial privacy when using SI24, without losing access to all its other great features.

Panic Alarm

If something happens, your employees can quickly trigger an SOS alarm from the device’s homepage. This SOS can be configured to alert SI Risk’s VSOC team, your internal response team, or emergency services

Limited Battery Drain

SI24 will have a minimal impact on your battery life. In our trials, we’ve found that it consumes between 2-3% of extra battery life per day (based on normal usage and default settings).

SI24 iPhone Example

Real-Time Intelligence Feed

We provide everyone with a ‘big picture’ overview of what’s going on – including security, medical, and environmental alerts. If you purchase our Intelligence module with SI24, you’ll receive intricate details about the specific countries or regions that matter to you.


Static content in the SI24 app is available in 8 different languages, including English, Spanish, and Arabic.


Employees can confirm their status via the SI24 app. If they don’t check-in at least once every 24 hours, then an alter will be triggered in the SI24 management platform.

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SI24 Management Platform: Features

The SI24 app used by your employees is linked with SI24’s online management portal. This is packed with functionality which helps you manage multiple threat types and protect your assets.

Intelligence Tool (March 2019)

Real-Time Threat Picture

  • See where your people are in real-time, and what threats and hazards are posed geopolitically and tactically.
  • You can also map your facilities into SI24 and plot custom information on the map (which remains there persistently).
  • Emerging incidents which may impact your assets are pushed directly to designated stakeholders in your organization.
  • Customize when you receive alerts (based on location, severity, or incident type) and how you are alerted (push notifications, email, and SMS).
  • Can be monitored internally by your in-house GSOC or our own VSOC team.
Communications (March 2019)

Mass Communications

  • Communicate 2-way with employees through push notifications, live chat, SMS, and SMS to voice.
  • Send SMS messages or emails to people that aren’t using the SI24 mobile app.
  • Selectively communicate with individual users, groups of users, those within a geo-fenced area, or thousands of employees across your organization.
  • Find people by name or filter users depending on their current location, role, or many other criteria.
  • Simple and intuitive, so that you can quickly communicate with your workforce when it matters the most.
Crisis Management Tool (March 2019)

Incident Management

  • Integrated portal where you can manage and resolve incidents without needing to be in the same room with other stakeholders.
  • Communicate and coordinate in real-time with relevant, designated stakeholders – anywhere in the world.
  • Easily identify impacted people and quickly confirm whether they’re safe through 2-way communications.
  • Load and share relevant documentation (e.g. policies and procedures) that your crisis response team needs.
  • Clearly highlight mission-critical information to other stakeholders in a separate section.
  • Allocate tasks to your crisis response team and keep track of their status- to ensure work is completed as required.
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Like a third eye, keeping us ahead of developing situations and stopping them from becoming a crisis.

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Peace of mind that you are getting the right advice is the key to a good night’s sleep.


Our work is strictly regulated and there is no room for error. Working with SI Risk allowed us to achieve everything without much effort.

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