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Risk Management (RM), Crisis Management (CM), and Business Continuity (BC) are the core pillars of mature and functional Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) processes.

When we start working with clients, we usually find that these pillars of ESRM are isolated, independent silos. Each of these pillars needs to feed and interact with the others. If they don’t, your organization’s policies, procedures, and security culture won’t be fit for purpose.

We’ve found that organizations of all sizes struggle to get this right. We have a strong track record of helping organizations overcome this challenge.

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Our Strategic Framework

Our approach to ESRM starts with understanding your organization’s context and strategic outlook.

Among many other things, we’ll assess the unique threats your organization faces and explore your risk tolerance by engaging with business stakeholders.

From this, we’ll understand what your tactical security framework needs to look like to keep your organization safe. This strategic framework details how best to manage the process of scaling to your desired outcome.

Threat Management

Threat and risk assessments are essential for understanding your organization’s risk exposure.

Our accredited team has experience providing facility, city, and national risk assessments. We follow inclusive processes that ensure that all relevant threats and risks are identified.

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Crisis Management

Incidents and crises are disruptive and upsetting, especially when they affect the core parts of an organization.

The speed at which these develop can cause panic across employees, senior leaders, shareholders, and other parties. The sheer volume of information that organizations now receive in the early stages of a critical incident or crisis can produce organizational paralysis too.

We have a proven track record of helping organizations navigate the perils of kidnap and ransom situations, environmental disasters, natural hazards, and high-risk terminations. We’ve also helped organizations deploy tactical resources to expedite crisis response.

Organizational Resilience

The ability to recover quickly from an incident not only allows organizations to best serve customers, employees, and stakeholders – but is a source of competitive advantage.

We embed the core principles of resilience (Forecast, Prepare, Respond, and Recover) into an organization’s DNA.

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