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Our intelligence services provide you with the confidence and clarity needed to make informed and justifiable decisions.

Our intelligence team has access to thousands of sources of open and closed source information. Amongst this mass of information, there can be a lot of conflicting information.

Our intelligence analysts filter out the noise. They dissect complex issues and reconcile conflicting information so that you’re provided with the most succinct, relevant, and actionable intelligence possible.

In the era of information overload, this is invaluable.


Country, City, and Travel Reports

Our country, city, and travel risk reports are tailored to each traveler’s specific needs. We’ll uncover and compile the risks which are relevant to the country or city the traveler is visiting. This helps your travelers prepare themselves properly for international travel.

  • Do I need a country risk report or a city risk report?

    Country risk reports are usually provided to travelers who are going to multiple places in a specific country over a longer period.

    City risk reports are usually provided to travelers who are going to a specific city for a short stay. Unless requested, these reports won’t provide as much breadth or depth as our country risk reports. Check out our blog to see what’s included in a city risk report.

  • What’s included in country and city risk reports?

    All our reports are tailored to your traveler’s needs and circumstances.

    We’ll only include sections if they’re relevant and valuable for the traveler.

    These are a few of the core areas which might be included:

    • Security: Crime patterns, terrorism-related issues, as well as road infrastructure and travel crime.
    • Driving: Legal information, driving issues, and risks posed by road travel.
    • Medical: Top-level view of medical issues faced in the country.
    • Entry: Immigration requirements to enter the country.
    • Laws & Local Customs: Common legal issues faced by travelers.
    • Climate: Climate information and details of extreme weather risks (if present).
Business Reports (in-text)

Business Reports

Our business reports enable you to operate confidently in complicated and complex countries.

These reports identify local, regional, and global challenges that you might face. With this forward-looking view of the marketplace, you’ll be able to accurately assess the risks and opportunities and determine whether it aligns with your proposed business strategy.

Our clients have previously commissioned these reports to inform their decision making when considering entry in new markets. Without this background information, your organization is stumbling in the dark.

Investment and Insurance Reports

We have the expertise to help you if you’re making a long-term financial investment, considering an IPO, or assessing your insurance requirements.

These are some of the areas that we concentrate on:

  • Competition analysis
  • Due diligence (i.e. background research)
  • Opportunity analysis
Investment Reports (in-text)
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Vulnerability Analysis

Operating in many countries and markets exposes organizations to cybersecurity risks.

We conduct due diligence on your behalf through our vulnerability analysis. This ensures you can understand the cybersecurity measures needed to maintain organizational integrity.

With increasingly constrictive data security regulations, vulnerability analysis has become an assessment type requested by new and existing clients.

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