Lopez is a founder of the party Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) along with his mentee, Guaidó who gained a majority of the seats in the National Assembly in the 2015 election. Lopez has been instrumental to Guaidó’s successes and is an established leading figure among the opposition. Despite not being at the forefront of the recent dispute over the presidency between Guaidó and Maduro, he has been carefully arranging the situation to undermine the regime. Arrangements for the betrayal by (Padrino) López, Moreno and Dala were set in motion during his house arrest by him, illustrating that he is profoundly involved in challenging the Maduro regime. His presence in Guaidó’s 30 April video announcing the coup further accentuates the fact that he enjoys widespread popularity and is regarded as an icon; his being there was reason enough for many to storm the streets and fight the National Guard.

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