The Problem

A large UK government body strongly suspected that their security vendor was not fulfilling their contractual requirements. They had outsourced much of their experienced security function externally to this vendor, which meant that their security strategy had been impacted and they did not possess the functional capability to understand:

What was, and was not, being delivered?
What standard were the services being delivered to?
Were their security processes going in the right direction?

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Our Approach

We agreed a set process with the client that combined a benchmarking and auditing process which aligned with the contractual requirements of the security vendor and best practices standards (at the strategic and tactical level).

We assigned a project security manager to oversee engagement with the security vendor and ensure that appropriate access was negotiated so that the programme could move forward.

A seasoned security professional conducted a series of high-level interviews with the security vendor’s senior leaders to explore their existing strategy and assess its suitability to the client’s needs. A series of industry experts were also assigned to review and assess the suitability of all areas of tactical and operational security put into place by this security vendor.

With this information, a report was constructed which detailed and compared the strategic and tactical needs of the client versus the provisions which had been put into place by this security vendor. This report also compared the current security implementation versus their contractual KPIs.

The Outcome

Our investigation enabled the client to assess the shortfall in service delivery from our strategic gap analysis. Compounded by the under-delivery of tactical security measures in place, the client was able to negotiate themselves a rebate in fees they’d already paid from the security vendor.

As a result of the strategic clarity provided by our services, the client was also better positioned to transition to a new provider. We provided savings in approximately £12 million.

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