The Problem

A world-leading architect wanted to understand the building and engineering requirements for development and reconstruction projects in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The entire planning process for a project they were involved in had been postponed by the country’s Urban Planning Council. Until the possible threat and hazards had been considered, with appropriate measures considered and detailed alongside the proposed plans, the project could not move forward. If this was not provided within 4 weeks, then the architect would be in breach of the contract and could be terminated from the project.

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Our Approach

We reviewed the situation, requirements, and success criteria to ensure that the client’s need for compliance to security by design matters and contractual requirements could be addressed by SI Risk.

We quickly implemented a project security manager, who worked with the client’s team of architects and engineers to immediately assess what would be necessary for compliance with the Urban Planning Council’s requests. We also deployed a specialist team to assess these standards and liaise with other parties to ensure that delays were minimized and there was an expedited feedback loop.

Following this, we proceeded to conduct a review of all the likely threats and hazards posed to the before, during, and after this project. We then proposed measures to address identified threats and hazards which aligned with the client’s risk tolerance and budget, while remaining fully compliant with the requirements of the country’s Urban Planning Council. This was all communicated in a fully compliant report which was delivered alongside the amended architectural and engineering plans.

The Outcome

We helped the client resolve these complex issues within the agreed timeline, which ensured there was enough time for their plans to be reviewed by the country’s Urban Planning Council. The report, including the proposed measures detailed therein, was accepted by all parties which allowed the process to move forward.

This client acknowledged that our involvement ensures that they remained legally and contractually compliant, which helped them avoid reputational damage, financial repercussions, and further impact on their wider operations.

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