Situation Overview

An industry leading, US-based, communications company were carrying out a project in Satun in South West Thailand. We were contracted to provide Travel Risk Management services for the duration of the project.

Travel was planned for a Senior Manager to visit the worksite for 6 weeks in July and August of 2016. The initial service request from the company’s Security Manager assessed Thailand’s security situation and the context of the trip and only requested a car and driver, a brief country risk assessment, and daily intelligence reports.

Intelligence Map (in-text)

Changing Situation

Around a week after the traveller arrived in Satun, Thailand’s threat level increased because of an increased likelihood of attacks in civil unrest in Bangkok, as well as violence in the South, due to an upcoming referendum in the country.

Our real-time situational awareness highlighted a heightened risk to this traveller. We advised the Security Manager of the evolving situation and took the following actions at their request:

  • Immediate deployment of SRO .
  • Implementation of a full emergency evacuation plan (including scheduling of flights at the closest airport).
  • Instructions for the traveller to pack a ‘grab bag’ (which contained essential personal belongings) so they could evacuate at a moment’s notice.

Escalation & Evacuation

Thailand was hit by 11 bombs in 5 cities on the 11 August 2016 and 12 August 2017. We concluded with the client that the traveller should be evacuated from Thailand ASAP due to the deteriorating security situation.

Within minutes, our Virtual Security Operations Centre (VSOC) had quickly and efficiently put the full emergency evacuation plan into action:

  • Flights were booked from Hat Yai to Bangkok.
  • Traveller was securely transported and tracked with SI24 from hotel in Satun to Hat Yai airport (1-hour journey).
  • Secure hotel booked in Bangkok airport.
  • Onward flight booked from Bangkok airport the following day.


Thailand 2016 Evacuation Details

The Outcome

Our team’s proactive approach and real-time situational awareness ensured that the traveller had appropriate assistance when the security situation evolved in Thailand.

When we agreed with the client that the traveller should be evacuated, our Virtual Security Operations Centre (VSOC) was able to execute the evacuation plan quickly and efficiently – but without causing unnecessary panic. Throughout this process, our VSOC was able to assist with safe passage by utilising our advanced tracking system (SI24).

This rapid response was facilitated by our unique relationship with the Travel Management company, which allowed us to arrange and communicate travel arrangements within minutes.

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