The Problem

An organisation who approached us wanted to understand the food and production sector in a South American country. In particular, they were interested in understanding current local, regional, national, and international food safety standards and how political power shifts might impact these standards in the future. With this clarity, they hoped to make an informed decision about sourcing their raw materials from this market.

Our Approach

We identified the core areas for consideration within the food sector, with an emphasis on the area that this organisation wanted to extend into. We then identified a list of stakeholders which includes competitors, regulatory bodies, government officials, opposition parties, and likely supply chain organizations.

Utilising a combination of in-country expert analysts, in addition to legal and political sources, we produced an in-depth report for each of the key stakeholders we identified. This included their known and possible affiliations to risk factors that could impact the organisation’s decision-making process. This information was compiled into a report that allowed the organisation to clearly understand this market and confidently decide whether they should invest any additional capital into this project.

The Outcome

With the help of our intelligence team, the organisation was able to confidently move forwards their intended strategy. This resulted in market entry and a series of acquisitions to control a substantial part of the national market. This helped boost to significantly boost their international sales.

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