Situation Overview

We were contacted by a major Olympic nation to assist with the coordination of protective services for their competitors and support network (e.g. coaches) during the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Over 700 people needed to be considered for this protective security programme. Coordination with numerous other multi-agency organisations was also required. It was a complex situation in a challenging country.

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Clarifying Success Criteria

We started by clarifying and establishing their needs and success criteria.

This resulted in a strategic approach that included:

  • Keeping all people safe
  • Maintaining information security
  • Protecting the organization’s reputation
  • Providing a 24/7 security capability
  • Having robust response and resilience capability

Our Approach

We deployed 7 security professionals. They were supported by SI Risk’s Virtual Security Operations Centre (VSOC), which utilises market-leading security and intelligence technology to provide complete situational awareness.

We provided over 400 common operating picture reports, which detailed threats and hazards that could have impacted peoples’ safety. We also responded to over 80 critical incidents (raised through panic alerts, telephone calls, and other mediums) and prevented each of them from escalating into serious issues.

In spite of extensive planning prior to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, it became apparent that our monitoring response had to be flexible to address activity changes. We quickly amended critical procedures to satisfy the changing requirements of this client.

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The Outcome

While other organisations had suffered security and reputational damage, SI Risk maintained the safety of over 700 Olympians and their support network over 6 weeks.

We received 49 panic alerts (i.e. SOS alarms) which had an average response time of under a minute and were (on average) fully resolved in under 11 minutes by our Virtual Security Operations Centre (VSOC).

It was one of the most complex Olympic games in recent history, but SI Risk helped this client reach their success criteria so that their competitors could return home as heroes.

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