The President of the United States (POTUS) of America visited the United Kingdom (UK) between 3 June 2019 and 5 June 2019. Before his arrival, we anticipated that there would be disruption in London due to restricted vehicle access and protests by numerous groups. To help organizations with operations and employees in London, we utilized our Virtual Security Operations Center (VSOC).

You can still find this live feed on our website here.

Ongoing Updates

For the duration of President Trump’s three-day visit, our VSOC utilised a range of tools to maintain real-time awareness of what was happening in London. Because our team has access to many sources of real-time information, there were numerous times when we were able to provide updates via our live feed before mainstream media outlets.

Unlike mainstream news, our live feed didn’t overwhelm people with too much information. Our VSOC focused on providing only the most critical information so that security professionals could quickly understand what disruption was being caused. This helped people to minimize the impact on their local operations and ensure that their employees were kept safe.

Whenever there was a meaningful update, the public feed on our website was automatically refreshed. In addition, alerts were pushed to clients when developments arose that directly impacted their assets in London. This meant that there wasn’t any risk that they’d miss an important update in the public feed.


Client Testimonial

Mick Smyth (Global Physical Security) at Indeed had this to say:

“SI Risk provides exceptional content, reports and live updates from issues such as geopolitical incidents to large scale events such as state visits and everything in between. Our GSOC monitors comms from SI Risk regularly and these comms give us actionable intelligence in great time which allows us to assist our employees all over the world.

The live updates for the POTUS visit to the UK in June this year were extremely helpful. During this visit, our GSOC monitored the live updates and were able to ensure that our local and traveling employees could navigate their way around the city with little disruption. These live updates were invaluable when it came to coordinating ground transportation and route planning for some of our traveling employees.

The updates were clear and concise and SI Risk seems to have got the balance just right, key information but not overloaded with useless content. In our GSOC we consistently utilise SI Risk’s intelligence, monthly reports, live blogs and their weekly podcast is fantastic too. SI Risk definitely helps your organisation keep its people safe!”

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