The United Kingdom (UK) suffered a series of horrific terror-related attacks during Summer 2017, which included the terrorist attack on the London Bridge and the suicide bombing in Manchester. In both cases, there were multiple fatalities, and many were seriously wounded.

During this period, an international manufacturing company had previously arranged a series of merger and acquisition meetings in London with site visits outside of the city centre too.

Members of the organisation’s senior leadership team were due to travel to the UK within 24 hours of these meetings, but the organization’s safety and security department raised concerns about the safety of the team that was travelling to the UK because of the heightened threat level. The organisation were considering deferring the meetings until the situation was less fluid but doing so could have jeopardized the commercial agreement that was being arranged.

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Our Approach

We provided an accurate overview of the terror threat (which included government response measures) and security risk management measures which kept the organisation’s team secure while they completed negotiations.

These measures included:

  • 24/7 Threat Picture: Ongoing analysis of the security situation, which leveraged open and closed source information.
  • Dedicated Transportation: Secure transport inside and outside of London.
  • Executive Protection: Coordination with our operations centre to ensure the ongoing security of the team.
  • 24/7 Operational Support: Dedicated security manager was assigned to choreograph meetings, liaise with law enforcement and other security providers to ensure meetings were expedited (to reduce unnecessary exposure).

The Outcome

Our evaluation of the threat posed helped the organisation’s safety and security department have a clear common operating picture so that they could make informed decisions. For the duration that their organisation’s senior leadership was in the UK, their safety and security department had a dedicated 24/7 focal point for all updates on the threat picture and progress of their team.

This organisation acknowledged that we provided a measured approach which met their requirements but did not impose unnecessary measures on members of the organisation’s senior leadership team.

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