The Problem

A world leading manufacturer operating in Central America with over 12,000 indigenous and 1,500 expatriate staff was being targeted by organised crime groups and cartels for the wealth of business professionals. As a result, this organisation reported that one of its employees was missing. They subsequently reached out to us to assist with the response, search, and recovery of their employee.

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Our Approach

We worked with the organisation’s internal security team, as well as insurers and other parties, to review and investigate what was known and areas for exploitation. Through this, we were able to shed more light on the situation.

These are some of the actions which were taken.

  • Liaised with municipal government kidnap forces to ensure any deconfliction between a local and organizational response.
  • Deployed consultant and recovery team to the organisation’s local site and to the area the missing person was last known to be at.
  • Reviewed negotiation strategy so that it aligned with ethics, compliance, and legal requirements.

The Outcome

We helped to successfully recover the victim within 24 hours of the incident being reported to us, and then arranged counselling and support for the victim, their family, and other impacted parties.

As a result of our efforts, the organisation maintained its reputation as an ethical employer, without compromising their legal integrity.

After this incident, we also developed a kidnap response plan for this organisation, implemented kidnap management training, and helped with workplace kidnap awareness, avoidance, and survival.

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