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Monitored By The VSOC Team

When travelling your personnel are continuously monitored by the SI Risk VSOC team. The VSOC utilise multiple sources of information to identifying any issues that may affect your employees or the success of their trip. Where necessary, relevant information is sent to the traveller informing them of the issue and providing advice on how to stay safe. Other means of assistance include, monitoring and management of geo-fences and changing threat environment, both are used to provide situational awareness to the other parties involved.

Most importantly, we provide our clients with access to travel and medical experts 24/7 via our VSOC and global support framework. Where necessary our global network of approved providers and suppliers allow us to reach even the most remote locations.

SI24 Mobile Application

The SI24 application is the user interface and connection with SI Risk’s dedicated travel security professionals, 24 hours a day. The app allows users to access country risk profiles, security, health and environmental alerts that may affect them. Additional features include travel itinerary integration, so users have their travel itinerary at hand.

The app is available with a translation feature allowing you to speak with an approved translator 24/7.

Key features:

  • Panic alarm direct to VSOC or dedicated handler
  • Call SI Risk VSOC for assistance 24/7
  • Instant access to mobile optimised security, medical and environmental risk alerts and guides for pre- and during travel awareness
  • Access to global country profiles that detail security, economic, political, hygiene, food and business culture 24/7
  • Travel itinerary displayed in a user-friendly way
  • Login via your corporate email address and password
  • Global GPS tracking direct to SI Risk VSOC
  • Configurable to automatically call SI Risk VSOC, other numbers including emergency services in certain countries

SI24 GPS Tracking

SI24 is designed to locate individuals around the world using an application installed on their smartphone, tablet, personal GPS tracker, satellite tracker and satellite phone. SI24 uses GPS technology to report GPS locations directly to a secure web platform. Users can view current locations and historical trails.

SI24 transforms a smartphone into a tracking device with panic-button capability, and a check in function that provides an immediate pop-up to call any designated number, including local law enforcement. Enabling you to protect and respond to employees as they travel to high risk areas around the world.

The ability to locate an individual’s position relative to the threat picture and emerging incidents areas is key to maintaining their safety and security. Additionally, if a member of staff finds themselves in a crisis, the ability to locate their exact position and give appropriate advice is vital and could save lives. Exact GPS location fixes and the availability of historical longitude and latitude information during crisis situations has resulted in many organisations turning to SI24 as a method of ensuring their employees stay safe.


Identifying people in the high threat areas Country-change and geo-fence alerts provide instant feedback and escalation when employees stray into high-risk areas
Incident Review SI24 provides a quick way to view the latest individual locations in
Responding to employee SOS Panic alerts triggered from the device provide a way for the user to raise the alarm to SI VSOC
Search Function Person search function linked to name, phone number & email address, also searchable via location and other configurable elements
Mass notifications and messages to users A tailored communications feature that allows focus on individual travellers or mass communications to personnel in high threat or affected areas
Multiple platforms and systems SI24 tracking app can be used on iOS and Android
Anonymity One of the newer features of the platform

Complete & Passive Itinerary Tracking



With passive tracking the system assumes that travellers’ trips are progressing as per their itineraries. Trip segments are automatically updated to indicate the presumed status of the segment and trip without knowing if the traveller is on the trip.

The SI24 platform supports several options based on the customer requirements. The main options are passive and active tracking, although a tailored tracking solution is possible. All tracking is provided through a secure website and monitored by the SI VSOC team 24/7. Independent monitoring solutions are also available for organisations that want to monitor their own personnel independently.

Global overview gives administrators a complete overview the location of all employees and assets regardless of the tracking system that is being used. It is a mapping system that displays the last known or presumed location of the traveller, which could be an itinerary point, a GPS location, a travel expense or an in-transit data point. If a traveller is currently in transit the person would be displayed as if they are travelling, so they would be represented by an airplane, train, bus or car. The mapper provides personal details on the traveller, such as next of kin, contact details and the current local time. It can also overlay country risk information and incident alerts.

SI24 Mapper is designed to work smoothly on any computer, as well as tablets and smartphones, making it easy to monitor travellers from any location.

For each traveller, it is easy to drill down into their current, upcoming and historical trips. When viewing an individual traveller, a user can see the full itinerary, including the status of the trip, overlaid with any GPS data points for that trip.

Active Tracking


Active travel tracking is a more accurate form of tracking, the system knows if the traveller is on a trip and if they have arrived at their destination. The system does this using several technologies, including SMS and/or email confirmation, mobile network data, flight tracking and GPS tracking.  With active tracking security and support, personnel can be notified if a traveller fails to notify of arrival within a certain period. The system can automatically activate standard operating procedures.

All forms of tracking support data importing from the major GDS platforms, TripIt, WorldMate, Concur API and manual entry. Through TripIt and WorldMate API the travel tracker can process trips that are booked outside of the organisation’s TMC; for example, through Expedia, or any other online booking system. All the traveller need to do is forward the itineraries to a designated email address. Active tracking also supports SMS entry of trip segments.


Live Monitoring

While not every journey needs intimate monitoring, it is peace of mind to know that a team of highly trained specialists are responding to your employee’s needs, be that response to SOS activations, check-ins, entering high threat geo-fenced areas or country changes.

Daily Check-in

Whilst travelling the platform ensures that your travellers are OK by automatically requesting that they confirm their status once a day. Requests are sent by SMS, email or by an automated voice call, a return response updates the traveller status on the system. Failure to respond within the allocated response time will activate an automated alert to the SI VSOC monitored 24/7.

Daily check-in requests consider the local time where you are ensuring that a check-in request is time appropriate to the location, for example requests can be specified to be sent sometime between 10:00 and 17:00 only. The system will also allow for short flight connections, for example 3 hours, a request will not be sent as it is unlikely that the traveller will be able to respond.



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