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We provide tailored Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) solutions to organizations around the world. These solutions are evidence-based and formulated using internationally recognized best practices.

The bottom line is that we’ll help you reduce your risk exposure, keep your assets safe, and help you take advantage of international business opportunities.

What Makes Us Different?


Professional Sports

Like a third eye, keeping us ahead of developing situations and stopping them from becoming a crisis.

Construction & Engineering

Peace of mind that you are getting the right advice is the key to a good night’s sleep.


Our work is strictly regulated and there is no room for error. Working with SI Risk allowed us to achieve everything without much effort.

Financial Technology

They helped us keep ahead of the competition.

Financial & Communications

SI Risk allowed us to meet the demands placed on us by the industry – thank you.

Construction & Engineering

Working in some of the areas we do requires that extra bit of support. Thanks SI Risk.

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“Why Did I Establish SI Risk?”

I founded SI Risk because I believed existing safety and security risk management providers failed to adapt their solutions to the unique requirements organizations had. When I was serving in Afghanistan, I saw first-hand how this approach exposed people to completely unnecessary risks.

Off-the-shelf safety and security risk management services aren’t long-term solutions either. They’re a band-aid on the symptom, which fails to address the core Enterprise Security Risk Management (ESRM) issues which organizations are facing.

We do things differently by delivering tailored strategic and tactical solutions for organizations of all sizes – from small SMEs to large international enterprises.

Nathan Monshin (Director of SI Risk)

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Our Team

All of our staff are subject to robust background and competency checks before joining our close-knit team. They’ll then go through a standardized training process to ensure they have the ability and confidence to excel in their role.

But we don’t stop there. We invest in the continued development of all our employees too. We do this by providing support and career opportunities which ensure that our staff keep growing.

Want to be part of a fast-growing company which offers great career opportunities?



Our Solutions


Innovative, market-leading technology to help you monitor and manage your employees.

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Succinct, relevant, and actionable intelligence which helps you make informed and justifiable decisions.

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Strategic & Tactical

Evidence-based strategic guidance and global tactical response solutions which help keep your people safe.

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