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About Us

We are a risk management company who specialise in reducing risks associated to travel and security. There are so many things that could go wrong when moving between locations that could have undesirable consequences. In our busy lives, sometimes we miss the small details which could de-rail what you’re out to achieve – this could be anything from incorrect paperwork to being involved in a serious incident.

We work across the globe and have the experience you need in order to work, grow and expand into new locations. We work with you and integrate into your team to find out your needs and how best to achieve them. With everything that is going on in the world, you need a partner that is adaptable, resourceful and cost effective.

Our Services

Global Tracking

Round-the-clock security monitoring for employees anywhere in the world

Global Security Operations Centre

Live intelligence and cutting-edge technology means the right advice when it matters

Travel Risk Management (TRM)

Take the hassle and risk out of travelling to complex countries

Security Risk Management (SRM)

Keeping your people and assets safe means understanding all the risks

Business Continuity

Peace of mind against any unexpected crisis that your people could face

Emergency & Medical Evacuation

A global network of specialists means prompt emergency response across the globe

Crisis Management

Being prepared calls for a calculated response to crisis

Integrated Approach

Peace of mind against any unexpected crisis that your people could face



of workers think their company has a legal obligation to ensure their safety while traveling abroad on business


Financial and communications

"SI Risk allowed for us to meet the demands placed on us by the industry - thank you"

Ben, Global Head of Ops

Construction and engineering

"Working in some of the areas we do really needs that extra bit of support, thanks SI Risk"

John, Commercial Manager


"Our work is strictly regulated and there is no room for error. Working with SI Risk allowed us to achieve everything without much effort"

Laura, Audit Team Leader

What Our Customers Say

Assisting SME’s in their Duty of Care

Assisting SME’s in their Duty of Care

“The help to understand and reduce the risks with international travel was amazing”

A UK based SME had an opportunity to sell services into the Middle East, conscious of the risks it was hesitant to accept the opportunity. SI Risk’s tracking, monitoring and response service allowed them the peace of mind to move into these new markets.

Large scale monitoring of personnel

Large scale monitoring of personnel

“Like a third eye, keeping us ahead of developing situations and stopping them from becoming a crisis”

SI Risk had responsibility for the over watch of 700 people in Brazil co-ordinating response to panic alarms, breaches of geo-fences and being the central point of contact for all emergency response and crisis management matters. Assisting with the successful resolution of emergency matters 24/7.

Royal Park

Royal Park

“A great result in challenging conditions”

SI Risk completed the Conceptual design phase for one of the UAE’s most prestigious public parks, taking into consideration all UAE Urban Planning Counsel regulations, stakeholder needs and owner specification SI Risk produced a comprehensive report that was passed through the UAE’s Urban Planning Counsel’s strict quality assurance process on the first application, allowing the project to remain on schedule.

Sporting Grounds

Sporting Grounds

“Peace of mind that you are getting the right advice is the key to a good night’s sleep”

One of the UK’s most iconic and prestigious sporting grounds underwent a series of renovations. New planning regulations required a Terrorism Protection statement to be written to protect the stadium and all stakeholders. SI Risk undertook the project with extremely limited time to complete, this being one of the very first application of its type in the UK. The statement was completed and passed the review from both emergency services and official planning regulators at the first application allowing the construction to be commenced on time.

Engineering & Communications

Engineering & Communications

“Just an unbelievable service, they understood what we needed to achieve and made it happen”

Assisting UK and US communications companies to successfully complete land and subsea cabling from Southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia by providing security solutions for their engineers. Co-ordinating multiple projects over several continents simultaneously

Financial Institutions

Financial Institutions

"They helped us keep ahead of the competition"

Helping a UK technical finance company to move operations into East Africa and keep their staff and reputation safe. Our support allowed them to grow in an area previously seen as being above their risk tolerance



of people work for companies with no clear travel security policies

Charitable Work

SI Risk believe strongly in supporting both Local, National and International Charities. It is for this reason that we periodically set challenges for our staff and friends with a view to raising money for great causes. Click the button below to read about our latest challenge and how you can help support our current charity.


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